ROSARY (In Latin) Means: GARLAND OF ROSES

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PRAYING THE ROSARY: I. Beginning with the Rosary's Cross make the sign of the Cross and pray: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. II. On the single bead above the cross pray:"The Apostles Creed". III. The next three beads pray: "Hail Mary" on each bead. Meditate on the three divine virtues of faith, hope and love. IV. On the next single bead announce the first divine mystery (SEE MYSTERIES OF THE ROSARY) pray: "Our Father". V. On the first set of 10 beads contemplate the first mystery and pray: "Hail Mary" on each bead. VI. On the next single bead pray: "The Doxology" "O My Jesus". Announce the second mystery and pray: "Our Father". VII. A set of ten beads is a decade and the Rosary has a set of 5 decades which make up a Chaplet of the Rosary. You will continue to pray the Rosary this way throughout. VIII. When you come to the end (the joiner) and you wish to end pray: "The Doxology", "O My Jesus" "Our Father", "Hail Holy Queen" and the sign of the Cross.