The colors of flowers representing the mysteries of the rosary: Roses and the Rosary:

Bleeding Heart - Mary's Heart

Daisy - Mary's Flower

Forget-me-not - Eyes of Mary

Geranium - Beautiful Lady

Foxglove / Honeysuckle - Our Lady's Fingers

Maidenhair Fern - Our Lady's hair

Thistle - Our Lady's milk drops

Morning Glory - Our Lady's mantle

Fuchsia - Our Lady's eardrops

Parsley - Our Lady's lace

Columbine - Our Lady's shoes

Caladium - Queen's mantle

Larkspur - Our Lady's spurs

Bluebell - Our Lady's thimble

Geranium - Madonna's pins

Marigold - Mary's gold

Thrift - Our Lady's cushion

Lily of the valley - Our Lady's tears

English daisy - Mary's loves

Bachelor buttons - Mary's Crown

Violet - Mary's humility

Tulip - Mary's prayer

Daffodil - Mary's star

Iris - Mary's sword of sorrow

Pansy - Our Lady's delight

Petunia - Our Lady's praises

Periwinkle - Virgin flower

Zinnia - The Virgin